Best character options. (this is for low rank clan members not officers or leaders)

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Best character options. (this is for low rank clan members not officers or leaders) Empty Best character options. (this is for low rank clan members not officers or leaders)

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:24 am

Well, depending on you're character. if he/she is a wolf a werewolf or a vampire a demon and so on. There are clans for these types of races. for instance legion of demons. and pack of wolves. There are many benefits from clans. such as clan training the clan vault and the clan war vault here i am going to tell you everything you can do in a clan

1.View titles of (insert name here) What this does is show you the titles for each rank.

2.View membership What this shows you is every member in the clan and their ranks. You can also demote and promote people with ranks less than you but you should have permission form you're clan founder first.

3.Online members, shows you which members of you're clan are currently online. this is good if you want to ask them to take the pyramids with you.

4.You're clan waiting area, Nothing important i place where there is a chat box and you can talk to other members but no one uses it because there is already one in the clan halls.

5.withdraw from you're clan, when you click this you will have to confirm if you want to leave you're clan or not.

6.Walk to clan barracks, in here you can go to sleep and go to the corner in the corner there is a bar, it is just like the one in the inn.

7.Clan training, Here is a place where you can exchange gold and turns for exp. if you don't have enough gold on hand it will take the gold right out of you're bank account.

8.Clan vault, You can request gems from you're clan here well gems or gold. but i recommend gems because you can take the gems to vessa and sell them for gold and you will get more gold than you can request at the clan vault. the higher you're level is the more gems and gold you can take out at level 15 you can take out 75 gems at level 1 only 5 it goes up by 5 per level. you also can donate gems and gold to the clan vault.

9.Clan war vault, when this clan has 5 billion gold, the leader can trade that in for clan attack or defense clan attack gives you a bonus while in the pyramids clan defense makes the walls of the pyramids you're clan have taken stronger.


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