Rules that are over looked and mixed up.

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Rules that are over looked and mixed up. Empty Rules that are over looked and mixed up.

Post  Admin on Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:43 pm

I had my share of problems in the past. You are NOT allowed to share you're password with another member or log in to his/her profile or let them on you're own. 2. Cybering is famous in this game for some reason. well here is the rules for it: NO cybering in public chat areas. Only in a private dwelling or at you can reserve a table for two at a restaurant And invite the person you are going to cyber with. Or cyber though messages or on msn or yahoo. 3. Listening to staff. you may sometimes think that a staff member is mistreating you. But never argue with a staff member if he is mistreating you yom the owner of the realm. Fighting or play Fighting or anything violent sexual or abusive or related to reallife is NOT allowed in sanctuary. Like saying this Ebillordnighty takes out his mp3 and puts on a song. This game is based on the past like 1000 years ago when there was not any mp3's or advanced technology if you want to say things like that there is a number of places to do so such as dionysia. Be respectful in you're yom's to staff and other players DO not i repeat do not send the same petition more than one time. the owner kahlan is a busy woman and will answer you at her own time. Cough kaine! cough, Also you can only have one main character and two alts, don't make anymore or kahlan will delete them. always listen to staff. if you disrespect staff, you are disrespecting kahlan. she picked the staff out. Also when people ask for help. help them, Don't be impatient, also i found that some people just come here to cyber. THIS GAME ISN'T FOR CYBERING, it's for you to have fun, make friends, and kill the blasted green dragon, so enough of your "How old are you?" "Do you want to cyber?" also don't advertise you're sites through Yom or in the village that is a cause for immediate ban . No Oh yeah and Remember when you need help or feel lonely talk to me, Johnny phoenix, im almost always available.


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