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Post  kaine on Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:28 pm

here are some quick tips to kill the green dragon alright your just starting out the game and you want to dk quick well while you are lvl 1 go to the travellers in and talk to cedrick the barkeep and bribe him (this may take more than one try) now when it showes up and youll see ask about colors who's up stairs and swith speciality go to that change you speciality to castellan castellan is a powerfull speciality that allows you to use summon cerberus , sphinx summoning , hydra attack and thalos protection now at lvl one it isnt very effective but when you get to lvl 3 use sphinx summoning it will hit the enemy 3 times and will lat up to 78 rounds bassically 78 forest fights ok now you used it at lvl 3 now your at lvl 5 and you need more power use sphinx summoning again it will hit 5 times basically it hit as many times as your lvl is and thalos protection hit around 7 times but it is really strong and if you want to get a quck easy lvl at lvl 1go to magic town and talk to evagoras salamis he give you enough experience to gain a lvl follow this quick tip and you will be dking in no time

ps. i got 300 dks with castellan alone affraid


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