How to build a Hone Castle/fortress etc...

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How to build a Hone Castle/fortress etc... Empty How to build a Hone Castle/fortress etc...

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How to build a Hone Castle/fortress etc... How_to10

Lets get started. You went to the heights. you went to build a castle. but you didn't have the materials?. This is how it works.

You go to the heights. click on establish (insert name here) And it will show you want you need to build the (insert name here) Lets say you are building a castle. first thing you do. is get the gold which is i think a billion? maybe more maybe less. about 10k gems. you'll have to work hard to get the gems. just keep going to dags and get someone to give you a key to there castle. if they have a lot of gems you can withdraw about 125 gems every day. just stop by there coffers lol. After that you need stone and wood. for wood go to the lumber yard in the forest. you can cut trees there for 20 turns. for stone. go to the quarry. you can get stones there. you can only crave stones there for 20 turns every day.. Also stop buy mount olympis if you have unlocked it. you unlock it at dk 31. go to the material shop. and buy wood stone and copper. iron and mithril. keep doing this until you have the required amount of materials. but remember you can only mine for a certain number of mining turns. same with the quarry and the lumber yard. it will take about 30 dk's to get the materials you need. also to build the castle you need 1000 turns. Good luck!


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