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Post  Admin on Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:44 pm

Hi guys. decided to make another guide.

This one is about Clans..

Okay, something that really annoys me is when people join a clan just for the clan training and forging.

Look. When you join a clan. you have some responsibility's for instance. the pyramids. If you guys don't know. every month there is a tournament lasting 1 month.

Clan points: Every time you take the pyramids you get clan points. the more of YOU'RE clan members in there the more points you get when you take it.

What do clan points do?!!: Well every month, the clan with the most points get gems in double of how many points they have. so if my clan assassins creed. gets 1000 points 2000 gems will be added to the clan vault.

I don't feel like taking the mids it's boring: WHAT?! the whole point of joining a clan is to help the clan in every way possible. taking the mids is one. donating to the war vault is 2. and donating gems to the clan vault. Anyway, you do get rewarded for doing these stuff. You'll get promoted. and eventually might even be a leader. But remember. Being a clan member gives you responsibility's. So don't go joining a clan and do nothing for it, or you will get kicked out. Plus i hate slackers!!!!! Mad


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